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Home Automation

Home automation has been somewhat of a buzzword lately, leading many families to invest in home automation systems for their Melbourne properties. Simply put, home automation streamlines and simplifies your life, allowing you to control curtains, lights and more with a simple command.

Futuristic as it sounds, home automation is very much available to Aussies. Reeves Electrical offer home automation installations throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, allowing you to control your home digitally. From your lighting and entertainment systems to your heating and cooling, everything can be finetuned to your liking with a tap or a wave. Having been in business since 1992, Reeves Electrical have the tried and tested knowledge necessary to complete all electrical works. We’re also well-versed in all the latest gadgets, allowing us to conduct flawless automation installations across countless homes and offices.

Why should you enquire about our home automation systems for Melbourne’s eastern suburbs?

Home automation is much more than a luxury. Some of the benefits of professional home automation include:

  • Control your home easily, allowing you to warm your house before you get home, or turn on the outside lights if you are coming home late at night
  • Improve the efficiency of your home, easily finetuning the lighting or temperature to make your home more energy efficient and cut down on your power bill
  • Boost your comfort and convenience, allowing you to get basic tasks done without a second thought, and instead spend time on the things you love doing

What are my home automation options?

Not sure which home automation product you’ll want to get first? Here are some popular systems:

  • Smart lighting – Smart lighting is one of the most popular home automation systems, allowing you to control several home lighting systems through a central hub, your smartphone or other device. From turning off the bedroom light without having to get up to controlling your lights while you’re away on holiday, smart lighting offers a number of practical benefits.
  • Smart speakers – This technology allows you to control the sound of your TV with your smartphone, meaning there’s no need to get up and look for the remote. Your smart speakers will also be listening out for your commands, allowing you to dim the lights or control other home functions with your voice.
  • Smart thermostats – Efficient climate control elevates your comfort while saving energy. With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to set up a heating and cooling schedule, with the HVAC system also being able to adjust accordingly for when you are out of the home.
  • Security cameras – Security cameras have long been an integral part of many Aussie homes, but are now available in far more advanced forms. Modern security camera systems allow you to keep an eye on your home when you are away, as well as check on any pets in the home.

So what are you waiting for? Call Reeves Electrical to find out more about our home automation installations in Melbourne!

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    Nothing but positive. As Australia’s largest automotive terminal, our facility is 178m2. Because we use a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, we needed a trustworthy partner to install WIFI networks that are essential to our business. We were continuously impressed by Reeves’ professionalism and support. They met timelines and budgets, and were happy to give technical guidance to our onsite team and back office staff. Our experience was nothing but positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Reeves.
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