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Reeves provides Melbourne households, commercial businesses and industrial spaces with premium air conditioning installation services, without any hassle or delays. We’re a licensed installer with years of experience installing quality Mitsubishi air conditioners in accordance with Victorian compliance laws.

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What is split system air conditioning?

A split system air conditioner has two components: an interior unit and an exterior unit. The system is literally split between the exterior unit (which contains the compressor, condenser coil and capillary tubing) and the interior unit (which contains the cooling coil, long blower and air filter). The interior unit is installed inside the building, and the exterior unit is installed outside.

How do split system air conditioners work?

The interior unit and exterior unit are connected by numerous wires and tubing, working together to cool the air inside. Generally, it’s the external unit that makes a bit of noise, while the interior unit filters the cool air and quietly disperses it to the room inside.

How much does it cost to run a split system air conditioner?

This ultimately depends on your personal level of usage, but typically (energy consumption data gathered from Victorian Sustainability State Government Website), a split system air conditioner with a six-star energy rating will cool a small room (12sqm) for around $10 a year, while a unit with a 2.5-star rating will cost closer to $35 a year.

Add another half of these amounts again, and you’ll have the annual cost for cooling a medium-sized room (30sqm) with a split system air conditioner. A 60sqm area will typically cost between $45 and $75 a year to cool, depending on the energy star rating.

Why opt for split system air conditioning?

There are several reasons why split system air conditioning is a better option than traditional A/C units. The first one worth mentioning is probably the noise factor – with split system air conditioning, the noisiest parts of the A/C (the compressor and the condenser fan) are outside, resulting in a much quieter air conditioner.

Another benefit is that a single exterior unit can facilitate multiple interior units; meaning you can keep numerous rooms cool with just the one unit outside.

While the upfront cost of a split system air conditioner might be higher than traditional A/C units, the long-term savings in energy bills is far more significant – this is evident when you take another look at the Sustainability Victoria annual consumption figures.

Residential house and installation in Melbourne and surrounding areas

Regardless of the size of your home, we can install a system that ensures you are comfortable year-round, in every room of the house.

  • Single storey installations

Generally speaking, single-storey air conditioning installations are a straightforward process. Of course, this can vary depending on the age of the house and whereabouts you wish to have the interior and exterior units installed.

  • Double storey installations

When installing A/C units in a double story home, the exterior unit is mostly placed downstairs with piping and electrical work leading to the interior unit which would be located upstairs. Our technicians will locate an appropriate location to install the exterior unit to ensure the interior unit can disperse warm and cool air throughout the house evenly.

  • New homes and major renovations

If you have purchased a new home off the plan, then considering air conditioning installation at this phase can make the whole process quite convenient and straightforward. As the installation is factored into the construction of the home, it means the pipes, wiring and so on can be built into the walls during the construction stage. The same goes for large-scale renovations that perhaps involve new rooms being built as part of an extension.

However, there are still factors that need to be considered, including what type of air conditioning system you desire and the ideal interior and exterior locations for the units.

  • Residential apartment air conditioning installation

Residential apartments pose various challenges, usually in regard to finding an appropriate location for the exterior unit. It’s also worth noting that a residential apartment in Melbourne will probably require body corporate approval.

  • New apartment air conditioning installation

As for brand new apartments and high-rises around the Melbourne metropolitan area, there is much planning before an air conditioning system can be installed. Additionally, the exterior unit needs to be installed on the balcony, which eats into the balcony’s floor space.

As is the case with most residential apartments across Melbourne, the majority of new apartments will require body corporate approval.

  • Older apartment (generally 1960s-1980s) air conditioning installation

The challenge that older Melbourne apartments present is that there’s a higher likelihood of coming across outdated or deteriorated wiring, old rendering or damage to old walls over the years.

If this turns out to be the case, this can lead to higher costs associated with preparing the apartment for air conditioning installation. As with most Melbourne residential or high-rise apartments, air conditioning installation will probably require body corporate approval.

Types of installation (split systems)

There are several different ways in which a split system air conditioner can be installed. At Reeves, we are highly experienced in installing the types of installations listed below.

  • Back to back

A back-to-back installation is when the interior unit is mounted on the wall (usually up high where the wall meets the ceiling) and the exterior unit is fixed against that same wall underneath the interior unit, but outside. The piping and wiring are fed through the wall and connects the two units.

  • Intermediate (wall bracket or around a corner)

An intermediate installation refers to a setup where the exterior unit needs to be placed against a different wall to the one that the interior unit is mounted to, perhaps around a corner.

It might also mean the exterior unit needs to be mounted up high on the exterior wall with a wall bracket – this is a slightly bigger job, as exterior units are much larger and heavier than the interior unit.

  • Roofs and internal walls

On the occasion that a split system air conditioning unit is being installed on an internal wall within the building (that is, the other side of the wall is not part of the building’s exterior), it’s possible for the exterior unit to be installed on the roof.

This isn’t always possible, as the exterior air conditioning unit needs to be protected from direct sunlight and excess rainfall. Exterior units also generate a lot of heat, so there needs to be enough open space surrounding the unit to allow the heat to dissipate.

If there’s an appropriate spot on the roof, the exterior unit can be installed up there and the pipes/wiring fed down through the roof to the interior unit.

How much does it cost to have Reeves install a Mitsubishi air conditioning system?

Plumbing and electrical installation starts at $800, including GST. It’s an additional $45 for the Plumbing Compliance Certificate and $25 for the Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Our air conditioning units start from $920 for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Air Conditioning Unit 2.5KW model, and we supply this range right up to the 9.5KW model.

For a detailed quote on the total price of plumbing, electrical installation and the air conditioning unit itself, please contact us for a consultation.

Which Mitsubishi air conditioning units does Reeves supply and install?

  • Wall-mounted split systems

This type of unit is Australia’s most popular choice for heating and cooling single rooms or smaller spaces. Wall-mounted split systems are easily installed, efficient to run and come in various designs to suit any Australian household.

The indoor component is installed on an interior wall, and the outdoor component is fitted to the adjacent exterior wall.

Reeves stocks both reverse cycle and cool-only models of Mitsubishi wall-mounted units, all of which come in a range of capacities to suit homes of all shapes and sizes.

  • Ducted systems

Reeves’ selection of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted systems offers a complete and comprehensive heating and cooling solution for any home. These systems can be completely concealed in the ceiling and can quietly heat or cool multiple rooms at once.

All of these ducted systems are reverse cycle, making them just as useful in winter as they are in summer.

  • Floor-standing

For homes or buildings where wall space is in short supply, a wall-mounted unit might not fit or perhaps eats into shelving or storage space. This is when floor-standing units can be extremely handy. These are still split system units with an indoor component and an outdoor component fixed to the exterior wall, but the interior component can be slotted into a recess or another convenient area of the interior space.

Mitsubishi floor-standing units are reverse-cycle, and they come in a range of sizes to accommodate living areas, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

  • Ceiling concealed

Ceiling concealed systems (or “bulkhead systems”) are for those who want a truly sleek and discreet design. These systems sit entirely within the ceiling space, with subtle grilles to disperse air throughout the house.

Measuring a remarkably slim 200mm in height, Mitsubishi’s ceiling concealed systems are the ideal choice for apartments and homes with limited ceiling space, as well as soon-to-be renovated spaces (as they can be integrated into the finished design[/expander_maker]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Does Reeves conduct a site inspection to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations?

    Yes, Reeves will send a qualified and highly experienced member of our team to your location to inspect the possibilities for installation and ensure that the building can facilitate an air conditioning unit installation.

  • Does Reeves deliver the air conditioning unit to the site?

    Yes, a friendly Reeves professional will arrive at the site on the day of installation with the Mitsubishi air conditioning unit and all the equipment required to install it. We take care of the entire installation process for you.

  • If I buy an air conditioner, will Reeves install it?

    Regardless, if you purchase a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit through us or not, we agree to proceed with our free quote for plumbing, electrical installation and the necessary certificates, we will install the aircon ourselves. We’ll take care of the entire process for you.

  • Will Reeves help me determine the best spot to install the air conditioning unit so that it’s aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient?

    Yes, our team is highly trained and experienced in the installation of all kinds of air conditioning units. We will inspect your property and offer advice on the ideal position for installation to deliver the best results. Our services include plumbing and electrical installation by a licensed tradie.

  • Does Reeves replace old air conditioners?

    Yes, we do. If you wish to replace your old air conditioning unit, you can purchase a brand new high quality and energy-efficient Mitsubishi air conditioner through us, and we will take care of the entire replacement/installation process for you.

  • Will Reeves advise on other electrical issues discovered during the inspection?

    All Reeves air conditioning installations come with a Certificate of Electrical Safety and a full warranty for peace of mind. At Reeves, safety is our top priority. If our expert electricians notice anything faulty, deteriorated or generally dangerous during the inspection or installation, you will be made aware of the issue immediately.

  • I already have the air conditioning unit, and only require installation. What does Reeves provide in this scenario?

    If you choose Reeves for your air conditioning installation, we will provide the following items (if necessary):

    wall bracket
    double storey installation
    poly/concrete slab
    power to isolator

  • What types of air conditioners can Reeves install?

    Ducted Cooling Air Conditioning
    Ducted Heating/Cooling
    Cassette Air Conditioners

    Reeves installs back-to-back split system models, we can mount exterior units on wall brackets or around corners, and we can install exterior units on roofs for when interior units are being mounted on internal walls

    Unfortunately, Reeves does not install evaporative air conditioners.

    If you’re still unsure about whether Reeves can take care of your air conditioning installation for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll provide a consultation.

  • What building types can Reeves install air conditioning?

    Single storey homes
    Double-storey home
    New homes
    New apartments
    Older apartments
    High rise apartments

    It’s worth noting that every building is unique, and whether or not Reeves is able to install a particular type of air conditioning unit ultimately depends on the specific building.

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Shayne Makin
Shayne Makin
The guys that installed our air con were friendly, efficient and did a great job. They even cleaned up and vacuumed the area - thank you! Communication was excellent from office staff too. Would highly recommend Reeves.
Alex T
Alex T
Great Service, communication and pricing. Boys that installed aircon did a great job. Colleen in the office was also great to deal with! Highly Recommend!
Michael Wright
Michael Wright
I can see why these guys have five stars. They were very communicative once I got in touch with them, and were willing to make adjustments to the quote based on what I wanted (while still complying to required standards, and explained the consequences of those adjustments). They were able to come much earlier than expected to install a new air con, arrived on time, were friendly and explained things to me, and were proactive and clear to advise me of certain things about the job that I might want to know (like that the new AC would not cover some previously unexposed wall, leaving a patch of different coloured paint). While I wouldn't expect it, the total cost ended up less than the quote. I'd be very happy to go with these guys again, and much appreciated when hiring a contractor who can easily charge you more than necessary due to your lack of knowledge. And they seemed to be happy that my dog was curious about what they were doing :-)
Todd Keating
Todd Keating
A professional team with great communication throughout and quality work. The guys worked really efficiently, clarified work to be done, cleaned up as they worked. Highly recommend.
Luke Iris
Luke Iris
Installation of Split System Air Con. Professional Service. Very Efficient, Excellent Workmanship.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Excellent experience in person, once they got back to me on a referral from the Acorn stairlift folks.
Ryan Krause
Ryan Krause
Have used them multiple times for work around my property. Work is always completed at a high standard with great guidance on the way. Guy, Colleen and the team are great people to deal with so highly recommended.
Gerry Cantwell
Gerry Cantwell
Right from the get go, the team at reeves have been amazing. Coleen was very nice and easy to speak to when arranging a time for an air conditioner to be installed. I had Hamish come out and install. He gave me a good heads up when he was on the way, and was very polite and friendly. He was very thorough with the installation and left zero mess. I will definitely be recommending this crew to everyone. Keep up the good work!
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear
Friendly, professional & efficient ????
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