Electrician Richmond

Reeves Electrical takes excellent pleasure in the level of service we provide, regardless of the assignment. Everything is done by skilled, licensed, and insured workers on whom you can rely peacefully. We believe you’ve made an excellent decision when it comes to hiring an electrician. Reeves Electrical is active in Richmond, offering quick electrical solutions to homes and businesses, as well as emergency services. Among the many services offered by Electrician Richmond are basic electrical repairs and setups around the home and, more critical, electrical business services. Reeves Electrical is a group of electricians that collaborate on projects. Customers may rely on Reeves Electrical for prompt response times, free electrical bids, and fully insured and licensed electrical services at competitive pricing.

Commercial Electrician Richmond

Reeves Electrical offers a diverse range of services. Our team performs commercial electrical maintenance for all businesses in Richmond, ensuring that your systems are compliant, safe, and of the highest quality. You might be seeking a reputable, qualified, and courteous business electrician in Richmond. Then, no matter where you are in the city, you can rely on Reeves Electrical.

Testing and tagging

Having your electrical equipment checked and labelled regularly will protect the safety of your staff. Reeves electricians provide test and tag services. Reeves are committed to providing you with the best service possible, and we will never compromise the safety of your employees. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees. No one wants to be hurt by a device that hasn’t been examined and labelled. If this does happen, you could be held responsible for it. That’s why it’s important to tag and test all electrical gadgets regularly. Our certified electricians can determine the safety of your workplace. To keep your employees safe from malfunctioning equipment, this is a must. Reeves Electrical is a family-owned and operated company.

As a customer of ours, you will be treated as a family member. We’re devoted to providing the best possible customer service. We don’t bury fees or charges in our estimates; you’ll never be surprised by them. You can rely on Reeves electrical to provide you with an accurate estimate of the project’s cost. Electrician Richmond stand behind our work with a guarantee of excellence.

Consequently, you can rest assured that all of our employees are courteous and knowledgeable. Our craftsmanship is unparalleled. All of your workplace safety needs may be met with our comprehensive range of testing and tagging. If there are any issues regarding your appliances, please give us a call right away.

Data Cabling and Switchboards

When it comes to data cabling, we at Reeves Electrical know just how important it is to your home or business. Without this, you won’t work or keep in touch with your loved ones. Our courteous Electrician Richmond are always ready to assist you. With our data cabling services, we can handle the needs of a vast office building and a single residence. We pay attention to what you have to say, no matter what it is. A data cabling plan that meets your requirements is then developed with you in mind. For a precise estimate, get in touch with us right away. We don’t believe in hidden fees or additional charges, and we stick to our quotes. Data cabling must be installed perfectly in any company or house. Internet access and home networks are possible with the use of these devices. It is vital to have these data cables to carry out day-to-day business activities at the workplace. Anywhere and whenever you need data cabling, we’ve got the experts to help. At Reeves Electrical, we take great care to minimize the impact of our installation procedures on your home or company.

Why don’t you give us a hand?

Contact us if you need Richmond data cabling. Reeves Electrical also provides switchboard services in Richmond. The switchboard serves both the heart and the brain in a home’s electrical system.

Switchboard installation and maintenance must be left to the experts (and is the only legal choice). Many clients have decided to collaborate with us because of our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence. When it comes to each project, whether it’s a residential, commercial or multi-tenant building, we know exactly what’s needed. Electrician Richmond can help with switchboard upgrades and installations. All of your concerns will be alleviated thanks to our experience and 5-star service, which will better protect your property and other valuables. We may deploy a single electrician or a whole crew to your location at any time. Our staff has completed many switchboard upgrades in Richmond homes and businesses. This upgrade is essential to keep cables from overheating (which can lead to fires). Even whether you have a growing family or a rapidly expanding business, this is a cost-effective method to handle your rising energy needs better!

Maintenance and Installation

In our houses, Smart Home technology is reshaping our lives. We can help you operate your heating, lighting, electricity, and security systems with a few vocal commands. We can tailor your smart home to your specific needs with wireless technology. Reeves is here to help if you want to upgrade your technology or need some help keeping your current system running well. Everything we do at Reeves Electrical revolves around electrical upkeep. Our local clients rely on us to maintain them running at their top efficiency level for electrical systems. If an issue arises, companies know they can contact us for immediate guidance they can rely on. Contact us here at The Reeves Electrical, whether it’s a switchboard upgrade or installation. With our expertise and 5-star service, we will put all of your worries to ease by better protecting your household, business, property and other assets. We can immediately send an electrician or an entire team upon your request.

Aside from new installations, our team has also performed many switchboard upgrades in Richmond homes and businesses. This upgrade is essential to keep cables from overheating (which can lead to fires). It’s also a cost-effective means of better addressing your rising energy demand, especially if you have a growing household or a fast-growing business!

Residential Electrician Richmond

The Reeves Electrical Company offers residential and commercial electrician services. We can arrange for any buried installation, large or little, to offer the services you demand.

You may wish to think about anything from home building to renovation or switchboard improvements, or you may even need more security or garden lighting to protect your family’s safety. Our area of expertise is highlighted, and we have the knowledge to handle all of your electrical needs safely. You will undoubtedly require main upgrades due to the age of your property, the installation of a three-phase air conditioner, or the construction of a shed/workshop that will require three-phase outlets for some machines. We understand that you rely on your electricians to arrive on time and give you the best advice and services within your budget. It’s also true that our highly skilled electricians will clean up any mess we make. When it comes to residential electrical work, we can’t manage much, including

  • switchboards,
  • lights,
  • power,
  • data, and
  • air conditioning.

Reeves Electrical is a residential electrician that is always accessible to help you. You can rely on Reeves for a wide range of domestic services, including odd jobs around the house, wiring, oven replacement, and TV antenna installation.

Broken Sockets

Smoke and sparks are never a good sign when using an appliance in a power outlet. We will replace or repair any broken sockets to avoid an electrical fire.

Security Systems

Is your home at high risk of being robbed? Installing an alarm system can aid in the protection of your house and family.

Led Lights

Beautiful garden lights will provide new life to your outdoor environment. We are passionate about designing outdoor lighting solutions, such as floodlights and sensor lights and deck and porch lights.

Safety and Maintenance

You can ensure that your home is safe from faulty equipment with a working safety switch. For any electrical work, always hire a professional electrician! If it has a wire, Reeves can assist.

Our Reviews

What Our Customers Say
Shayne Makin
Shayne Makin
The guys that installed our air con were friendly, efficient and did a great job. They even cleaned up and vacuumed the area - thank you! Communication was excellent from office staff too. Would highly recommend Reeves.
Alex T
Alex T
Great Service, communication and pricing. Boys that installed aircon did a great job. Colleen in the office was also great to deal with! Highly Recommend!
Michael Wright
Michael Wright
I can see why these guys have five stars. They were very communicative once I got in touch with them, and were willing to make adjustments to the quote based on what I wanted (while still complying to required standards, and explained the consequences of those adjustments). They were able to come much earlier than expected to install a new air con, arrived on time, were friendly and explained things to me, and were proactive and clear to advise me of certain things about the job that I might want to know (like that the new AC would not cover some previously unexposed wall, leaving a patch of different coloured paint). While I wouldn't expect it, the total cost ended up less than the quote. I'd be very happy to go with these guys again, and much appreciated when hiring a contractor who can easily charge you more than necessary due to your lack of knowledge. And they seemed to be happy that my dog was curious about what they were doing :-)
Todd Keating
Todd Keating
A professional team with great communication throughout and quality work. The guys worked really efficiently, clarified work to be done, cleaned up as they worked. Highly recommend.
Luke Iris
Luke Iris
Installation of Split System Air Con. Professional Service. Very Efficient, Excellent Workmanship.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Excellent experience in person, once they got back to me on a referral from the Acorn stairlift folks.
Ryan Krause
Ryan Krause
Have used them multiple times for work around my property. Work is always completed at a high standard with great guidance on the way. Guy, Colleen and the team are great people to deal with so highly recommended.
Gerry Cantwell
Gerry Cantwell
Right from the get go, the team at reeves have been amazing. Coleen was very nice and easy to speak to when arranging a time for an air conditioner to be installed. I had Hamish come out and install. He gave me a good heads up when he was on the way, and was very polite and friendly. He was very thorough with the installation and left zero mess. I will definitely be recommending this crew to everyone. Keep up the good work!
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear
Friendly, professional & efficient ????
Quality And Reliability
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  • B.C.
    Best customer service from start to finish. Reeves was extremely helpful when I first enquired. Because they were prompt to follow up, I didn’t need to spend any more time shopping around. During the work, their attention-to-detail made me feel at ease. The team arrived on time, were respectful of my home and left it clean. In a world where customer service is almost non-existent, I can't talk more highly of my experience with Reeves. They delivered the best customer service from start to finish. I recommend them to anyone who needs a lighting installation.
  • A.W.
    Reeves gave us a great service. They were reliable and professional the entire time, and were responsive before, during and after the work was done. Guy and the rest of the team were really polite, friendly and helpful, which was important for us. A big thank you to Reeves, I can’t recommend them enough.
  • Marion Bishop
    Sassafras, Victoria
    I always turn to Reeves because they’re reliable and offer reasonable prices. They arrive on time, get the job done professionally and their workmanship is great.
  • Jed Smith, Head of Commercial and Stakeholder Management
    Melbourne International RoRo & Auto Terminal (MIRRAT)
    Nothing but positive. As Australia’s largest automotive terminal, our facility is 178m2. Because we use a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, we needed a trustworthy partner to install WIFI networks that are essential to our business. We were continuously impressed by Reeves’ professionalism and support. They met timelines and budgets, and were happy to give technical guidance to our onsite team and back office staff. Our experience was nothing but positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Reeves.
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