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Homeowners eventually come to a crossroads when it comes to remodeling their residences. Although they are aware that they lack the expertise essential to do the required electrical work, should the homeowner call a handyman or an electrician in the neighborhood for electrical services?

You don’t absolutely need to hire an electrician near me if the task at hand does not require the electrical system in your home, such as installing a doorbell or setting up a home theatre speaker system. However, it’s time to enlist the help of your local electricians to handle the work if it impacts your home’s electrical system in any manner, whether it’s the installation of new outlets or the modification of your circuit breaker panel.

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Highest Level Professionals Who Will Keep You Connected

You will require the help of a qualified and professional electrician in the region, like those at Reeves Electrical, who are capable of completing even the most difficult installations and repairs, as electricity is one of the most crucial components of a fully operating property.

Reeves Electrical offers Melbourne and the surrounding area high-quality electrical work that is of a professional caliber.

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What We Provide

Residential electrician near me

Reeves Electrical has the skills to handle any assignment related to residential work…

Commercial electrician near me

In terms of commercial buildings, the bigger they are, the more advanced their electrical systems are.

Recent Upgrades and Additions

For both residential and business clients in Melbourne, a sizeable percentage of our work is concentrated on…


If you frequently have problems like power surges, frequently tripped breakers, or higher than usual…


The advancements made in lighting technology over the past few years have happened at a rapid pace, which is…

The Best Experts Available to Maintain Your Connection

When it comes to quality, Melbourne is your best option. When you want a work done well, whether it’s a new installation, troubleshooting, or just expert assistance, Reeves Electrical is well renowned as the firm to call. Their track record of offering high-quality electrical solutions has made them the company to contact when you want the job done right.

Our Idea

Finding the most qualified electrician near me in the neighborhood should be your top priority if you’re searching for one. At Reeves Electrical, we take pride in having a staff of licenced electricians who are also knowledgeable, focused on finding solutions, and dedicated to not just meeting but also exceeding industry safety standards. Even while these requirements are very required, we were aware from the start that we would also need something else—a Liffey concept—to set ourselves apart from other electrical contractors. Along with offering top-notch electrical services, we pledged to treat our clients with the utmost respect.

Electrician Near Me

Our Goal

We want to be both a leader and a top performer in whatever we do.

Our Purpose

We are developing high-performing individuals who can offer our clients extraordinary value.

Primary Values

Extreme Ownership: Everything that occurs in our environment is our fault; there are no scapegoats or justifications.

  • Safety: When we act, we act responsibly.
  • Building our character and our skills helps us increase our level of trust in others as well as in ourselves.
  • Respect for One Another, Our Families, and Our Beliefs: We respect one another, our families, and our beliefs.
  • Excellence in the Routine: We appreciate and promote going above and above what is often expected.
  • Masters of our Trade: We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in both performance and quality.
  • Generosity without self-interest: We strive to foster a culture of giving to better the lives of others.
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For superior electrical solutions, look no further than Reeves.

Reeves Electrical Contractors delivers electrical solution you can rely on, again and again.

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