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We are all aware of some of the electrical issues that can occur around our home. These frequent problems can be due to many reasons such as; electrical surges from faulty appliances, striking of lighting, bad wiring, or even poor electrical systems like bad insulation. These problems do not occur overnight, they start way before an electrical surge which we tend to ignore. Before an actual electrical breakdown, there are always some warning signs for you to check and consult an expert electrician. The common warning signs that you might have noticed but unintentionally ignored could be the tripping of a circuit breaker. This is quite common to happen in our homes, it can be due to poor electrical wiring or the usage of high-voltage appliances. If your circuit breaker tends to trip quite often then it is a sign of a potential problem in your home’s wiring. You do not need to worry about these electrical problems because Melbourne’s best electricians have got your back, whether you are facing problems in your home or you require commercial services, Reeves Electrical offers them all and are available at your service whenever needed.

Circuit overload:

Circuit overload is the most common cause in the tripping of a circuit breaker. These circuit breakers are designed to handle specific amounts of electricity so when the circuit gets overloaded with unlimited appliances or too much voltage the circuit breaker tends to trip. Make sure to be mindful of what you plug-in or use, do not use unnecessary appliances on a single circuit. Avoid using too many chargers or appliances in a single socket. You can always shift your devices to other sockets to prevent any sorts of overload to happen.

Electrical shocks:

Another common issue that may occur due to bad wiring or poor lighting is electric shocks. Electric shocks are no joke, you must be aware of how dangerous and life-threatening it can be. Referring to residential electricians who know their job and look for any potential dangers is very important for any household. Of course, no one wants to risk their lives due to these causes so it is very important to consult Domestic Electrician Eltham who can look for all the reasons that could lead to an electric shock. Common reasons that are associated with electric shocks are lighting strikes, poor wiring, contact of electrical appliances with water, defective home appliances, and so on. You can always take precautions and ask your electrician to ensure double insulation to prevent any danger. If you see any broken wires make sure to stay away and consult an electrician immediately. Keep your home appliances away from wet surfaces and avoid touching any extensions or chargers with your wet hands.

Flickering of lights:

Usually flickering lights occur due to faulty wiring or loosening of bulbs which can be easily fixed by changing the bulb or by fixing the dimmer. Flickering lights are normally considered harmless, but if it starts happening quite often then you should call an electrician to conduct an inspection. If you experience flickering all over the house then it may be a sign of a bigger problem such as loose connections, which are quite dangerous and should be looked upon immediately. Getting regular inspections by an electrician is the best way to help ensure the electrical safety and requirements are up to standard in your home or workplace.

Tripping of circuit breaker:

Circuit breaker tripping is quite normal to occur in every household, it can be due to various reasons such as a circuit overload, using too many electrical appliances, or high-voltage items on one circuit which can usually add burden on the circuit. Circuit breakers are designed to carry limited amounts of voltage, so using unnecessary appliances on one socket can add load to the circuit. Make sure you avoid using one socket for all appliances to prevent any sorts of damage. Usually, the reason as to why a circuit breaker is tripping is by overloading a circuit, however, if you are experiencing this issue more than often then there might be a more serious issue which you need to figure out by consulting your electrician.

High-electricity bills:

There are times when we all experience electricity bills that are beyond our expectations but most of the time we tend to ignore what is causing these pricey bills.  Often, we do not use much power but still, our electricity bills end up being too high and various causes increase these bills, for instance; damaged wiring or circuit, the power supplier of your house is not effective, your house may have appliances that are too old and outdated and are consuming more power than usual or there might be a leakage in your electrical system. You can always look around your house and check if there is any unnecessary appliance that you have plugged-in and utilize electricity cost-effectively. Make sure you turn-off your chargers and appliances after they have been used to avoid your bills from rising unnecessarily. Further, if you are struggling to identify what is causing such high electricity bills- feel free to call Reeves to help give you the best advice on how to identify these costs and how to be more electricity efficient in your workplace or household.

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