Stockpiling some cash through Reeves Electrical

Living in a world where time is rushing like nothing else, managing the entire household budget in such a tangled lifestyle is really heroic. But staying on an honest ground it’s never easy. Over 77.9% of people in just Congo ( really find it hard to manage all the bills just overflowing through their limits, think of the same rate going worldwide! Exceptions are always considered but not everyone is Bill gates who soared up to his monthly income to a whole new level, most of the people tend to save coins instead. The idea of saving some money is pretty clear but this too has some categories, we surely can control our investment in fancy dresses or toothsome food we eat but what about electricity bills? Is it even possible to stockpile cash through this media? Well! That’s the pretty reason we are here for you! Hold tight as we make every bit of how our services can help you hoard money, clear to you. As you become a part of this reading journey, you will realize how Reeves Electricals proves a charm to you!

Our money hoarding services

Quality Melbourne

  • Quality without compromise:
    Tell me honestly! If you were surrendered to such a situation where you had been dreaming of your very own heavenly house for the entire life and finally you have it all built up, wouldn’t it be taunting to you, if the electrical set up of your home starts getting worn out just a year after and ending up with you paying loads to fix it time and again? seeing ourselves in a similar situation we honestly get irritated and surely would want someone who could fasten our house’s electrical system so well that it won’t need any repairing afterwards! If you as well are not willing to pay for it frequently and want to spend on other things then sweet greetings as you have landed on just the right spot. Reeves Electricals! The beholder of many National Electrical Contractor Association Awards with over twenty years of experience ( proudly announces that you can count on their services with all your satisfactions and simmer down as they permit you to stop wasting your cash on unreliable offerings.

All in One Assistance Melbourne

  • All in one assistance:
    Want to Bring your dream home to life or maybe planning to start up an industry? ( we are pretty much sure that the fear of hustling against the clock, finding different electricians to tackle the different task as per their skills, is embedded somewhere inside you. Well! no worries as once landed at our place, you have an “all in one“ package. From TV and Data caballing to 240V installations, we handle it all like a pro whether it is a mere smoke detector or your main switchboards, providing you with a well-grounded electrical system is our foremost duty. So stop jostling about different companies, spending your money lavishly when we provide you with the most experienced electricians you can count on, noting those thousands of customers that we left satisfied ( Not only would they be able to untangle your electrical issues flawlessly but would surely prove wallet-friendly to you.

Low Voltage Lightening Melbourne

  • Low voltage lightening options:
    Yes! You heard it right. We have a wide range of low-voltage lightening options available for you. With our expert’s hand on your shoulder, you can illuminate the paths for safety, set lucid boundaries or maybe customize your workspace yet keeping every bit right on the budget. Being an energy efficient lightening specialist we proudly present a technology that tends to reduce carbon footprints and eventually your dreadful electrical bills! This way it’s good for the environment and your wallet. Whether it is your living room or veranda, you can enjoy the lightening the way you like them!

Warranty with Guarantee Melbourne

  • Warranty with a guarantee:
    Providing a lifetime warranty of our working services to a twelve-month warranty of all the equipment we supply (, you may rest assured that all your money is in the right hands and you will get it back safely if our services don’t soar up to your satisfaction level but at the same time we feel confident to give you a guarantee of your contentment as based on our vast experience, starting from 1992 and pairing with our expertise we know exactly what you are demanding for and thus provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable appliances that won’t be wasting any cash at all.

Cleaning After Task Melbourne

  • Cleaning up after every task:
    Wonder when someone gets your job done at the drop of a hat, untangling all your household issues like a pro yet proves very friendly and cleans up the workspace as if they were never there, it honestly feels like a charm! That’s like the best service one can ever think of. It Saves you from the hectic chore of cleaning or maybe hiring one to do so thus acting as a lifesaver.

No Call Fee Melbourne

  • No call fee:
    tel:13004733837 With a free electrical safety inspection on hand, beating any “like for like “written quote by five per cent, we happily announce that we won’t be charging you for being called. No matter how far you are from us we would be present on time at your gate without taking any fee of approaching to you yet leaving your work all screwed up.
Additional Information

1. ONLINE CHAT: If you have something unclear in your mind, we have an online chat option where you can ask us anything and hope for quick response because customer’s satisfaction is something we are always looking for.

2. Book online option: Yet looking for a superior electrical solution? Then cheer up as we offer a BOOK ONLINE option (, by just filling a simple form given below this page you can book your free, no-obligation consultation today! Not only this, from a free quoting service to a senior’s discount, but we also provide all that you deserve.

3. OUR LOCATION: If you have still stuck with your location in relevance to Reeves then no worries as we also show a vast Google map at our place describing you exactly where you stand (, so the need of jostling around the whole Google time and about because we have it all set for you.

4. 24-hours emergency electricians: Electrical emergencies all life-threatening at their worst as this emergency can occur any time sooner or later, local residents of Melbourne should search for on other but Reeves to provide them with an after hour electrician. Having an idea of how hazardous these plights can be, we reach at your place right on time and get you out of the calamity.

Yes! It’s 100 % reliable and something you can perfectly count on and our customer’s reviews and recommendations hold as a strong proof of the commitments we make LinkedIn, one of our clients marked our workmanship as unbelievable.
it’s a team of expert electricians gathered from all over the world that provides you with the most up-to-date, timely, affordable electrical solution possible and stands as a trusted name of Australia.
It’s a team of expert electricians gathered from all over the world that provide you the most up-to-date, timely, affordable electrical solution possible and stand as a trusted name of Australia.
No job is too big or too small for Reeves Electrical, from local residential areas to national industrial or commercial areas , we deliver what we promise !
If you have sent a message via the online chat option then we typically would reply you within 24 hours and if you tend to send an online booking form filled up by you then we would respond to you as soon as possible.
Standing as a famous name of Australia we serve from Bays water, Ringwood, Belgrave, Bur wood to areas like Don Caster, Melbourne CBD, and Camberwell.Wether it be Lily dale or Box hill we always reach on time.
Coupled with the security license owned by every one of our staff, all our electricians have verified “working with children check “ so it’s perfectly fine to count on us because we deliver what we promise.
Yes! We are licensed installers with decades of experience of installing Mitsubishi Air conditioners in accordance with Victorian compliance laws.