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Circuit breakers, wiring, and electrical boxes are all subject to scrutiny during an electrical inspection. Sadly, most homes only consider routine electrical inspections once a problem manifests. Before getting into why electrical inspection is so crucial, let's define what it is.  

What is an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection offers a thorough analysis and examination of the wiring and electrical connections established in the residence. Electrical inspections also aid in preventing fires, which every year result in numerous fatalities, serious injuries, and property loss. Nearly 45,000 home fires occur each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).
  • Home fires result in 1,650 injuries and over 450 fatalities.
  • Property damage to homes costs over $1.5 billion yearly.
  • Finally, almost 50% of these electrical failure-related residential fires result from issues with lighting or electrical distribution systems.
We'll review when and why an electrical inspection may be necessary for your home.  

1.   Heated Outlets and Switches

  Power outlets and switches typically warm up over time. However, it's imperative to arrange an electrical examination if you've found that some of them have suddenly grown too hot. Even if it might not be anything, ensuring the system is running properly is always preferable. Expert electricians can identify the heat source and decide whether repairs are required. Delaying the inspection could result in more serious issues and more costly fixes.  

2.   Alternating Lights

Alternating Lights Lights frequently fade or flicker, but this only sometimes indicates a problem. It could be a sign of a circuit overload. Engaging an electrician in these situations is essential to examine the equipment and system. To ensure the electrical system functions properly, the electrician may suggest upgrades.  

3.   Old Home

  Homeowners of older homes need to get an electrical inspection. These homes frequently have antiquated wiring that may not support contemporary appliances. Additionally, operating many devices could tax your machine too much. Older homeowners might need to be made aware of several attempts to upgrade the original wiring. Routine electrical inspections should be incorporated into the maintenance schedule if you reside in such a home. Once every two to three years have an inspection done by a certified electrician. Get in touch with Reeves to schedule an electrical inspection for your house. Remember that more recent homes also need timely inspections.  

4.   Selling Or Buying A Home

Selling Or Buying A Home It's crucial to get a new home inspected before buying. Even if everything may appear to be in order from the outside, it might be challenging for persons who need to have the knowledge to assess the state of the electrical system. Nobody wants to purchase a home only to later learn that the electrical system needs expensive repairs due to significant damage. Similarly to this, home sellers should have their property inspected. So, modernizing the system before selling can raise the home's value.  

5.   Burning Odor

  Since it is never a good indicator, you should always pay attention to a burning smell from switches, fuse boxes, or appliances. The odor can indicate wiring faults, power surges, bad connections, or other problems. Make a call to an electrician right away to fix the issue.  

Keep Your Electrical System In Good Shape

Electrical systems that are inefficient and broken will eventually cause problems, especially if you ignore them for a long time. Even if you have never experienced an electrical issue before, remember that even one loose connection can result in havoc. To ensure your electrical system is in fantastic shape, speak with a licensed electrician. In addition, they will offer suggestions for useful upgrades and guidance on system upkeep. Dial +61 3 9753 6262 to reach Reeves or Book us Online if you require a reputable, certified electrician in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We'd be thrilled to hear from you!

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